August 25 Leo Horoscope – Leos Born on 25 August Horoscope

 August 25 Leo Horoscope


August 25 Leo Horoscope is ruled by the planet Neptune. These Leos are generally intelligent and judgmental. They have good communication skills. Their Horoscope resembles a bit of Virgos. You are known for your no nonsense thinking. High levels of positivism is their forte.
An avid learner and therefore you have great thirst for knowledge. At times these Leos tend to doubt their won talents. This is because of too much skepticism. Practicing some yoga and mental exercises are recommended. So that makes you cool down a bit. As a result you can concentrate more on your inner talents and succeed better.

Work and Money

As you are intelligent and hard working you can excel in many areas. This is also helped by your hard working and helping nature. At work you are always liked by your colleagues because of your dexterity. You impress people not only as a boss but also as an employee.

On the financial front, caution is the key word. In fact you have flair for expensive and stylist living. Whatever you earn and how much you earn doesn’t matter. Eventually that drains your bank balance. So be careful with your money flows. However, you always enjoy a good flow of cash because of your success at work.

Love and Relationships

August 25 born Leos are always in a constant battle inside. They are thirsty for love and affection. As you can’t stand nonsense, it takes time to find a true soul mate. Maturity in a relationship is your priority. Those who are good speakers attract you. Hence you share a great rapport with such people.

Even with friends you have a great rapport. A friend in need is a friend in deed suits you aptly. You are always there for their needs and help them always. You are the one to stand up for them before they request you to be there. People sometimes misuse your generosity. Don’t lose your conscience.

Finally to sum it all, these Leos born on August 25 are generous, caring and loving. Have a great thirst for knowledge and therefore are always trying to reinvent themselves. You make out to be good partners for friends and family. Your intelligence and kindness make you a great friend and a good human being.

On the downside, you are at times insecure. Like a Leo at times you don’t accept criticism. That even worsens your inner self. Therefore take care and don’t let your self esteem down. Practice some yoga or participate in any rituals to keep your mind calm.



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