1 September Birthday Horoscope – Birthday horoscope for September 1

SEP1 September Birthday Horoscope

People born on the 1st of September are Virgos. 1 September Birthday people are ruled by the planet Sun. Therefore you are clever and intelligent and self-dependent. Though you are a good team player, you tend to take more of the Team’s burden and stand a step ahead of your peers. As a result you are a darling to your friends. You share their burden too. Therefore it indicates that you are always helpful and caring towards your friends and family.

These Virgos value hygiene. Your curious nature and smartness endears you to many people. In general these people are very calm and traditional. However, at times you can be critical of others and temperamental. Most of the times you are practical. However, you can also be eating offers out of your plate and therefore fall short of deadlines. Normally you are idealistic and honor commitment. You are practical and therefore don’t fall for flattery and cheap praise and carried away.

Work and Money

You are creative and ambitious, so you excel in all fields. As a result regular jobs don’t appeal to your tastes and choice. Because they don’t satisfy your inner talents and thirst for variety. Your loyalty and your amicability take you places. You excel as a good manager.

Your ability and capability to organize is appreciated and rewarded always. You do not like your peers or juniors to be lenient and lazy at work. With respect to finances you always have a good financial situation. You have a unique ability to turn sick units into profitable ventures.

Love and Relationships

As you are loyal and caring, you usually have several friends. All the people surrounding you love you and care for you. You are always helpful and friends always seek you for advice and help. Your partner is someone who is equally responsive and creative.

Your adventurous nature needs to be tamed and keep you calm. Therefore you need a passionate and understanding person. You are always pleasing and attentive to your friends and partner.

Finally to sum it up, you are calm, creative and passionate. You greatest strength is your careless nature and independence. You are self-reliant and persistent. You are likely to have more daring and ambitious roles and goals in life.

Though you are practical, sometimes you are fall to flattery. This is because of your over ambitious nature. So be cautious while you are criticizing and listening to people.

Lucky Numbers:  3, 6 and 7.

Lucky Colors: White, Yellow and Green.

Lucky Day: Wednesday.

Compatible Sign: Taurus


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