August 16 Leo

August 16 Leo


August 16 Leo is courageous and generous. Are loyal to their friends. These Leos are ruled by the planet Neptune. They are adventurous and therefore sometimes risk. Eventually that may cause problems.
As a typical Leo they are curious and honest. However they are more receptive than other Leos. This feature separates them from the rest of Leos. You learn a lot by self-examination and understanding.

Work and Money

Because you are creative and self-learning person, you excel in many jobs. There are several options for you to pursue. Therefore you normally excel in any of your chosen fields. You try to be a boss rather than work for others. Luck has no place in your dictionary. Your belief in hard work and perseverance will reap rich dividends.

Money wise you enjoy a good flow. However you are likely to spend on luxuries. The reason for this is that you enjoy richness in life. Try to avoid spending on lavish things. Therefore you are always in the safe zone.

Love and Relationship

Always you are in good demand in social circles. That means that your presence is always solicited by many. In relationship you are trust worthy. Therefore have a good steady relation. Rarely do you think of short term bonds.

In relationship you follow Live and let live policy. You appreciate others respecting and understanding you the way you do. A lot of romance and charm is in your love life. Therefore you normally have a decent family and love life.

Finally you are charming and honest. Always positive and confident in your approach. Hardworking and believe in self-learning. However during time of adversities you are a little depressed and lost in self. Maintain a positive mind to come out of those situations.